Finishing the Power Steering Issue Proper

If you missed the earlier post in regards to my band aid fix for the power steering return line, it can be found here: Leaking Power Steering Hoes!

While I'm still working on the rest of the coolant system I took the time to swap power steering pulleys. The original unit is a composite plastic. I went ahead and swapped it for an aluminum unit from ECS Tuning. Nice quality, decent construction. No complaints here.

I already had the belts off since I was changing them already. My outline below does not go in to detail in regards to removing the belts. I'll have more details on that process in an upcoming post.

Socket Wrench
13mm socket

Three 13mm bolts hold it on.

Removing them can be a challenge. I didn't really find a better way other than to just hold the pulley and loosen them.

The old pulley came off easy. Just shimmy it off.

Slide on your new one. Torque the three 13mm bolts to 22nm (7ft/lbs). Easier to tighten them with the belt in place.

New belt and pulley in place.

While I was down there, I swapped the old makeshift hose for an authentic BMW replacement. Also drained some more nasty fluid out. When I filled it back up there is still some old fluid in there but, it is mostly red again instead of black.

I went ahead and put nice OEM clamps on both ends of this guy as well. Power steering fluid is number 1 on my list of disliked fluids. It smells nasty and soaks in your skin. I have a feeling this should be good for a while. I'm thankful to have this one done.

New power steering return hose.

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