What's next? - New Project(s)

So what's next? That is where I left the last post. Time for a proper update.

With the hatch sold, I found myself in a predicament. For the first time I genuinely freaked out a little bit. I did not have a solid means of transport back and forth to work. Yes, I was more comfortable driving my 90 Civic Hatch than Helena. Why? That car had never let me down, it was easy and cheap to fix, and I knew all there was to know. Helena was different. I was confused, going broke, and sad.

It was time for a change, perhaps another Honda, just a little more refined. All the EKs have garbage interior and I didn't want that again. So, why not an Acura? Just a fancier Honda Civic really. The Introducing Leslie, my 2000 Acura Integra LS, 4 door. This will be my project moving forward.

I'm the fourth owner of this extremely well taken care of LS. With 145k on the clock and all the service done at the Honda dealership, there isn't much to do in terms of up keep on this little one.
My wife has been driving a 2000 Saturn SL1 since college. With 180k on the clock my comfort level with Sally has dwindled. Since I got a newer Honda it was time for her to upgrade as well. Introducing Penny, our 2011 Honda Fit Sport.
With 45k on the odo there is only a few things to look after on Penny. CarMax took care of all the basics so, I don't have to touch her for a bit either.
So back to Honda's for now. I still have love for the BMW's, this just isn't the best time to own one for us. I've moved over to a new blog: justanothercarguy.com. Check there for the latest Honda, and other vehicle updates.