Air filter change - 163K

So changing the stock air filter is seriously easy. The filter change interval is 15K. This is in the normal Inspection 1 maintenance routine.

Here is a link for a handy little track sheet: https://www.bavauto.com/Assets/inst_pages/e36mc.pdf

I chose a MANN filter. There are others available. I'm on the fence about aftermarket air filters given the increase surface area means little with the stock throttle body and manifold. Perhaps when I upgrade those, it might be worth considering. For now, a clean filter is better than a dirty one. 

There are two clips on either side of the air box. Press them in and pull up towards the hood.

Make note of which side of the filter is facing up.

Drop in your new filter.

Slide the tray back in. Snapping the clips in place.

Now enjoy driving with a fresh filter.

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