The Proper Coolant Refill Procedure

So after talking with my buddy Eric from PA, he educated me on ease of refill on the coolant in these E36s. As long as your coolant system is not leaking and your head gasket/head is in one piece you simply:

  Remove the bleeder screw.
  Put the aircon on low fan, heat max, 90 in this case.
  Fill the coolant overflow until coolant runs out of the overflow hole.
  Put your bleeder back in.
  Put your overflow cap on.
  Drive the car.

Now of course because I am paranoid about this thing overheating I have to monitor the temperatures with my adapter as I'm driving. The temps fluctuate between 185 and 194. I left her sit for nearly 30 minutes at idle with the aux fan disconnected just to see if she tries to get hotter. The temp sat at 192 and never went any higher. Ambient temps outside at 75'F for us here as well. Not 100+ in the summer but, certainly enough to be comfortable.

If I would have known this prior I could have avoided all the down time. Oh well. It gave me a chance to think about the future of this car. So all is not lost.

Holding steady at 192F. I'd say we are good to go.

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